Madrasapattinam is a 2010 Indian Tamil period drama film that stars Arya and Amy Jackson in the lead roles, whilst, actors Nasser and Cochin Hanifa play other prominent roles. Directed by A. L. Vijay, who earlier directed movies like Kireedam (2007) and Poi Solla Porom (2008), the film released on July 9, 2010 with positive reviews.

The movie begins as an old English woman Amy Wilkinson (Carole Trungmar) almost at her death bed in London, wants to come down to Chennai in search of a young man Parithi (Arya) whom she last saw on 15 August, 1947 to return Thali necklace  (sacred thread tied around the neck of the bride by her groom) of his mother, which he gives as a sign of stating that she belongs to India and nobody can separate them. She wants to return that back to him, as she gets married to other man in her home town and it no more belongs to her.

Almost 60 years from then, she is clueless as she has just a picture of Parithi, which was taken then. The search begins along with her grand daughter Catherine (Lisa Lazarus). There are scenes where she recalls her past. It is revealed that Parithi was a valorous dhobi in Madarasapattinam. He revolts against the British officials for they plan to construct a golf course in their dhobikhana.

Comes young Amy (Amy Jackson), daughter of Madras Presidency Governor, and she develops an affinity towards Parithi. She is friendly and helpful. Sequence of events leaves romance blossoming between them. Parithi calls her affectionately as Duraiamma. He shows Madras and its culture along with the humorous translator Nambi (The late V.M.C.Haneefa).

Even as they face trouble from the angry White officials, comes 15 August 1947 which brings freedom to India. Duraiamma is now forced to go back to England. Parithi runs from pillar to post and fights to hold his sweetheart’s hands.An Indian police officer asks them to stay out of sight so that he could protect them. They go and stay for a few hours in the Clock room at the top of the Madras Central Railway station, whereby something goes wrong and the time shows four when it is five 'o' clock and this comes to the notice of Robert and Ilamparithi couldn’t achieve his mission. Cut to present, Duraiamma is back in search of Parithi.They go to places where they want to find him. Then when they are about to leave for London, a man calls them and tells them that they know Parithi. Then Duraiamma goes walking and then by a taxi whose owner was the first person she met at the Madras Airport to Duraimma road, which has charitabe organistaions for health,old age, education, medicine , schooling etc..,. which was actually the promise of young Amy to the Madras children in the 1940's. Little did the taxi driver know that the lady was Duraiamma herself, as he showed her own picture as to her for being a stranger. Atlast he takes her to Elamparithi's tomb where she comes to know that he had passed away by about 12 years back from then. She then claims that the Thali necklace is her property and passes away after saying "Its Mine".

The movie has wonderfully picturesqued Madraspattinam, the principality of the then Madras state. The picturesque of the boat ride on the Buckingham canal, which is today a bemire water way was extraordinary. Buckingham canal carried boats till the year 1985.