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Nanbenda Movie Audio Launch - Exclusive

Nannbenda Official Trailer

The super talented trio Udhayanidhi Stalin, Nayanthara and Santhanam are back to set the screen on fire with their crazy antics. Watch the hilarious trailer of Nannbenda starring Udhayanidhi Stalin, Nayanthara, Santhanam, directed by Jagadish. with music by Harris Jayaraj.

Nannbenda - Thaene Thaene Sendhaene Lyric

Listen to Haricharan & Pravin Saivi in 'Thaene Thaene Sendhaen' which will melt your heart straight away. Na. Muthukumar as usual plays with words to bring out the emotions of a sorrowing heart, and the pain a lover without his lady love.

Nannbenda - Oorellaam Unnai Kandu Lyric

Nannbenda - Enai Marubadi Marubadi Lyric

Nannbenda - Nee Sunno New Moono Lyric

Nannbenda - Neeraambal Poovae Lyric

Nannbenda - Enai Marubadi Marubadi Song Teaser

Nannbenda | NeeSun Song Teaser

Nannbenda Official Teaser

Tamizhukku En Ondrai Azhuthavam | Jukebox

Sattunnu Enna | Full Audio Song | Tamizhukku Enn Ondrai Azhuthavam

Listen to the full song ‘Sattunnu Enna’ sung by Hariharasudan from the film Tamizhukku Enn Ondrai Azhuthavam.

Tamizhuku En Ondrai Azhuthavum | Full Title Audio Song

Listen to the full title song ‘Tamizhuku En Ondrai Azhuthavum' sung by Alphons.

Robo Romeo | Full Audio Song | Tamizhuku En Ondrai Azhuthavum

Listen to the full song ‘Robo Romeo’ sung by M.M Mansi & M.M Monissha from the film Tamizhuku En Ondrai Azhuthavum.

Tamizhuku En Ondrai Azhuthavum - Official Trailer

Check out the official trailer of "Tamizhuku En Ondrai Azhuthavum" a film directed by Ramprakash Rayappa featuring Dinesh, Nakul, Bindhu Madhavi, Aiswarya Dutta, Satish, Asif, Urvashi and Manobala.

Aranmanai | Sonnathu | Hansika Motwani

Aranmanai | Katthi Parvakari

Aranmanai | Petromaxu Lightethan song


Aranmanai is an 2014 Indian Tamil horror comedy film directed by Sundar C. The film features an ensemble cast including Sundar C., Vinay Rai, Santhanam, Hansika Motwani, Andrea Jeremiah, Raai Laxmi, Nithin Sathya, Kovai Sarala, Saravanan, Kota Srinivasa Rao, Santhana Bharathi, Chitra Lakshmanan, Kadhal Dhandapani, Swaminathan, Ganeshkar and Manobala. Music composed by Bharadwaj and the background score by Karthik Raja. Produced by D.Dinesh Karthik in the Vision i Medias banner. Distributed by Sri Thenandal Films and Red Giant Movies. Cinematography handled by U.K.Senthil Kumar and Edited by N.B.Srikanth.


In a village, a group of people are led by Ayyanar (Saravanan) on a tractor. They are going to tidy the palace for owners who are coming to their ancestral Aranmanai (palace) to sell it. During the night, the cook (Dhandapani) is frightened by some supernatural being in the palace and disappears.

The next day, an estranged Eshwari (Kovai Sarala) returns with her husband (Manobala) and son Muliankannan (Nithin Sathya). Her brother (Chitra Lakshmanan) and his daughter Maya (Raai Laxmi) welcome them. The brother and sister, along with another older brother's son Murali (Vinay Rai) and his new wife Madhavi (Andrea Jeremiah), have gathered to sell their palace off to Ayyanar, who had leased the property for 5 years. Meanwhile, Paalsamy (Santhanam) sneaks into Aranmanai under the guise of a cook, to find a photograph that is the sole evidence that he is also an heir to the palace, so he can claim his share of the money.

They stay at Aranmanai, but strange incidents happen. Madhavi sees a servant's daughter (Yuvina Parthavi) talking to an mysterious girl called Selvi. The girl's mother explains that she is autistic. Mishaps continue to happen and they are unable to sell the palace, so they extend their stay. Meanwhile, 2 other servants have also gone missing. Now Ravi (Sundar C.), Madhavi's older brother, comes to the palace to meet his sister. Hilarious incidents happen as Paalsamy tries to woo Maya, and he has Ravi and Muliankannan competing with him. Madhavi and Maya tell Ravi there are weird things happening in the house, so Ravi sets cameras up around the house with Maya's help.

Ravi sees a worker backing away from something, but the camera starts to fizz and goes out. At the same time, a fortune teller (Yogi Babu) in front of the house runs away in terror, seeing something. The next day in the village pond, there are 3 bodies of the murdered servants found by the cops. Ravi is shocked and visits the fortune teller, who reveals he witnessed a worker being killed by a woman possessed as a vengeful spirit and he gives him an egg, and tells that when the possessed person is within the egg's radius, it will start spinning. The police officers interrogate all members of the house about the murders with Ravi seated opposite them and the egg placed in front of him. Finally when the egg spins, he looks up to see Madhavi sitting for interrogation. He follows her and sees her don a big round of vermilion on her forehead, but her reflection shows Selvi (Hansika Motwani). Relating the little girl's talks and the name Selvi, Ravi sets out to investigate.

Villagers say Selvi was the girl who stole the temple deity's jewels and ran off from the village. He comes across Selvi's friend Ramya, who says Selvi was a good person and not a thief. She says that back then, Murali was not yet married and when he came to the village, he fell in love with Selvi. Selvi also liked him but is a girl who is often possessed by the goddess and predicts the future. So she held herself back to maintain her holiness. On the day Murali was leaving the village, he expected her reply and asked her to meet him at his house. Ramya encouraged Selvi to go and confess her love to Murali. Selvi left the house on that note but has been missing till now.

Per Ravi's plan, when Ramya comes to meet the possessed Madhavi as Selvi, she recognizes Ramya and tells her all that happened after she left the house that day. It seems that Ayyanar and his friends (the workers) replaced the temple jewelry with fake ones, and Selvi found it out using her premonition and confronted them. So they killed her and buried her inside the palace when she came to meet Murali. She also says she wants to be with Murali always. As today is an auspicious day, if she gets intimate with Murali, no one can ever drive her out of Madhavi's body. If they cannot get close today, she will kill Murali, so that they will be together in death.

After hearing the story, Ravi hears this and tries to stop Selvi but in vain. He meets a priest (Kota Srinivasa Rao), who says there are only 2 ways to stop Selvi's mayhem: use a strong emotion to bring Madhavi to her senses while she is possessed, or bring Murali to the river junction where the ritual of the eclipse takes place and goddess deities will be immersed in the river, generating a powerful energy which will help in separating Selvi's soul from Madhavi. Ravi instructs the members of the house to somehow disturb them and cause confusion to buy time. Selvi meanwhile, sends Murali into a trance and leaves the house to kill Ayyanar. She finds and kills him.

When she is gone, the priest and Ravi are back in the house trying to bring Murali out of his trance, but Selvi is back and does not let Murali go and threatens to injure Madhavi's body. The priest traps her in a circle of fire and helps Murali leave the house with Ravi. But she escapes and follows them and their car overturns and falls into the river. Selvi tries to drown Murali, but Ravi stops her and tells Madhavi is pregnant and brings her to her senses but only briefly. At the same time, near the shore of the river, the goddess deity is immersed in the ritual and the power comes through the water to Selvi and she is released from Madhavi's body as the sun comes up.

Selvi can no longer possess Madhavi, so she sadly disappears and the couple reunites. Ravi also unites with Maya in the end. And when they all pose for a photograph in front of the palace, a zoomed-in shot shows a ghostly figure moving near a window in the palace, implying Selvi has returned to the palace again.

Aranmanai | Jukebox

Aranmanai Movie Audio Launch Full Video

Aranmanai Official Trailer

Tamizhuku En Ondrai Azhuthavum - Official Teaser

Check out the official teaser of "Tamizhuku En Ondrai Azhuthavum" a film directed by Ramprakash Rayappa featuring Dinesh, Nakul, Bindhu Madhavi, Aiswarya Dutta, Satish, Asif, Urvashi and Manobala.


Saivam is a 2014 Tamil film written and directed by A.L.Vijay, Produced by A.L.Alagappan in the banner Think Big Studios. Co-produced by M.Rajashekar and Dr. Menakha Satish Kumar. The film features Nassar in the lead role and child actress Sara Arjun in another pivotal role. The other cast includes Baasha, Kausalya, Ravi, Rajalakshmi, Kalyan Natarajan, Suresh, Lakshmanan Ganesh, Vidhya, Shakti, Rahil, Twara Desai, Ray Paul, George, Malathi, Vittal, Savithri, Shanmugarajan and Suchitra. Music melody composed by G.V.Prakash Kumar. Cinematography handled by Nirav Shah and Editing done by Anthony. Lyrics penned by Na. Muthukumar, Art by V. Selva Kumar, Distributed by Udhayanidhi Stalin in the banner Red Giant Movies.

Plot: Kathiresan (Nassar) is the head of a large family which consists of three of his sons and a daughter and their respective families. Everyone get together at his house for a vacation. When the entire family goes to their temple on a given day, some ill-fated events occur. The family thinks it is because it had forgotten to perform a ritual sacrifice which involved the slaughter of a rooster known as Pappa (a rooster), which was part of their poultry. This thought is fueled all the more by each family member blaming this to be the cause for all their problems both at home and at work. Kathiresan decides to sacrifice Pappa in the upcoming festival, and the family rests assured that all their problems will disappear eventually after the ritual. Then, suddenly, Pappa goes missing.

The members of the family are aghast at Pappa's disappearance and begin searching for it. It turns out that Kathiresan's granddaughter Tamizhselvi (Sara Arjun) hides Pappa in the attic in order to save it from getting slaughtered. Tamizhselvi loves Pappa so much that she cannot stand to see it die. The rest of the story revolves around Tamizhselvi's attempts to save Pappa from being slaughtered and the family's attempts to find the rooster and performing the ritual. In doing so, the film showcases the lost values of family tradition and a child's innocent love for a rooster.

The climax and ending of the movie properly light the shades of character shown as dark earlier. Though parts of the movie seemed a bit dramatic but the ending completes the circle of an idea created from the movie and its title to a real incident in the life of director Vijay's mom.

Saivam Official Teaser

Saivam - Movie invite | Sara Arjun

Saivam - Oray Oru Ooril Song Teaser

Saivam - Azhagu Official Song Teaser

Saivam Movie Audio Launch Full Exclusive

Saivam Official Trailer

Saivam - Making of Azhagu Song


Nedunchaalai is a 2014 Tamil film directed by N. Krishna of "Sillunu Oru Kadhal" fame and produced by C. Soundarajan in the banner Fine Focus and distributed by Udhayanidhi Stalin in the banner Red Giant Movies. The film features Aari of "Rettaisuzhi and Maalai Pozhudhin Mayakathilaey" fame and Shivada Nair in the lead roles, with Prashant Narayanan, Thambi Ramiah and Salim Kumar in supporting roles. Music composed by C.Sathya, Cinematography handled by Rajavel and Editing by Kishore Te.


It delivers shock and delight in equal measure as it portrays the life of Murgan (Aari) from childhood. He starts his criminal life by stealing rice and grocery items from running trucks taken from Tamil Nadu to the North. His mentor is Sekhar (Salimkumar) who uses him to his advantage with the support of local policemen. Manga (Sivada) along with Parotta Master (Thambi Ramaih) runs a road side dhabba on the highway. Life turns topsy-turvy for Murugan and Sekhar when new Sub-Inspector Masanimuthu ( Prashanth Narayanan ) takes charge. The Ganja smoking cop is cunning, corrupt , pervert and womaniser who has an eye for Manga. Murugan locks horns with Masani and a cat and mouse game starts.

Nandooruthu Official Video Song - Nedunchalai

Thamirabarani Official Video Song - Nedunchalai

Idhu Kathirvelan Kadhal

Idhu Kathirvelan Kadhal is a 2014 Tamil film directed by Sundarapandiyan fame S.R.Prabhakaran. It stars Udhayanidhi Stalin and Nayanthara in the lead roles. Other cast includes Santhanam, Sunder Ramu, Chaya Singh and Saranya Ponvannan. Harris Jayaraj scores the music  and the cinematography is handled by Balasubramaniem which is produced by Udhayanidhi Stalin, Co-produced by R.Arjundurai and M.Senbagamoorthy in the banner Red Giant Movies.

Plot: The film opens with a prologue, in which a person is being taken to a hospital and the doctor later reporting that the person's condition will be known only after sometime. The scene then shifts a few months back.

Enter Kathirvelan aka Kathir (Udhayanidhi Stalin), a Madurai-based minibus owner who is a devout Hindu and devotee of Lord Anjaneya since the age of five. Due to his devotion for Lord Maruti, he does not show any interest in women.

One day, while returning from a Sri Anjaneya temple, he sees his elder sister, Vineethra (Chaya Singh) crying outside his house after his father (Aadukalam Naren) refused to take her in, having disowned her for eloping with a Coimbatore-based mill owner Shanmugham (Dr. Bharath Reddy) against his wishes. Vineethra, however, now has issues with Shanmugham, as a result of which, she left him and returned to her father's house. On Kathir's cajoling, his father reluctantly accepts Vineethra into the house. Kathir then decides to find out what caused the standoff between Vineethra and Shanmugham and leaves for Coimbatore, lying to his father that he is headed for Salem to do some work related to his minibus business. Before leaving, he is warned by Vineethra not to fall for Shanmugham's neighbor, Pavithra (Nayanthara), as her father and Shanmugham are sworn enemies.

In Coimbatore, Kathir successfully manages to resolve the conflict between Vineethra and Shanmugham, with Vineethra returning to Coimbatore eventually. He, however, does not return to Madurai immediately, staying back in Coimbatore after noticing Pavithra and falling in love with her, despite Vineethra's warning and his devotion to Lord Bajrangbali. Determined to win Pavithra's heart, he takes the help of his college friend Mayilvaganam aka Mayil (Santhanam), who is a medical doctor, finds out that Pavithra is working as a manager in a Panasonic showroom. The duo go there so that Kathir can speak to Pavithra, but end up creating a scene, forcing Pavithra to throw both of them out. After Pavithra notices Kathir constantly following her, she confronts him and threatens to take him to the police, which increases the friction between them. However, when Pavithra finds out how Kathir had saved Vineethra's marriage, she forgives him and becomes his friend, but later reveals that she is in love with a businessman, Gautham (Sunder Ramu), which breaks Kathir's heart. To add to Kathir's woes, Shanmugham finds out that he is in love with Pavithra, and kicks him out of his house for showing interest in his enemy's daughter. Meanwhile, back in Madurai, his father too disowns him after finding out that he had not gone to Salem after all. Without a place to stay now, Kathir moves into Mayil's home.

Kathir soon finds out that Pavithra's boyfriend Gautham is a womanizer, planning to dump Pavithra after having a one night stand with her at his friend's upcoming marriage in Ooty. He tells her about this, but she rubbishes his claims and admonishes him for still hitting on her. However, she soon realizes the truth about Gautham after he attempts to kiss her in his car causing her to dump him. She and Kathir reconcile, but she now realizes that she has feelings for Kathir. With the help of Mayil and Pavithra's Malayali friend (Kala Kalyani), who Mayil has fallen in love with, they soon express their feelings for one another.

Trouble soon erupts however, after Shanmugham and Pavithra's father find out that Kathir and Pavithra are in love. Kathir and Pavithra decide that the only way Shanmugham and Pavithra's father can accept their relationship is to make them reconcile, as it is revealed by Shanmugham, that he and Pavithra's father are sworn enemies due to the enmity which existed between the latter and Shanmugham's deceased father, who happened to be Pavithra's paternal uncle. They take the help of a mimicry artist, Balaraman (Mayilsamy), who mimics both Shanmugham's and Pavithra's father's voices in the presence of the real Pavithra's father and Shanmugham respectively, which eventually leads to Shanmugham and Pavithra's father reconciling.

With the initial hurdle cleared, Kathir and Mayil then plan to convince Kathir's father, who has now reconciled with Kathir, but is also searching for a bride for him, to allow Kathir to marry Pavithra. However, while trying to tell Kathir's father about Pavithra, Mayil consumes poison and is immediately rushed to the hospital, which it is later revealed that Mayil pretended to poison himself by pretending to swallow laxatives, fearing the wrath of Kathir's father, and thereby revealing the identity of the person in the prologue. On returning home, Kathir tells his father about Pavithra, who, as expected, becomes furious and locks himself up in his room. Later, Kathir manages to calm down his father and adds that he will not marry Pavithra as long as he refuses to accept their relationship, whilst also saying that, unlike Vineethra, he does not want to marry without seeking his father's permission. On hearing of this, his father forgives Kathir, accepts his relationship with Pavithra and gives the go ahead signal for their marriage.

The film ends with Kathir and Pavithra getting married happily.

Nedunchaalai Trailer

Idhu Kathirvelan Kadhal Audio Launch

Idhu Kathirvelan Kadhal Audio Launch

Idhu Kathirvelan Kadhal Trailer

Idhu Kathirvelan Kadhal - Maelae Maelae Song Teaser

Idhu Kathirvelan Kadhal - Vizhiyae Vizhiyae Song Teaser

Idhu Kathirvelan Kadhal Behind the Scenes

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