Innimey Ippadithaan - Aathula Oru Kaal Video

Watch Aathula Oru Kaal from Innimey Ippadithaan in Mahalingam, Thalapathi, Sapta's voices. Gana Vinoth perfectly explains the situation a guy falls into when he falls in love.

Innimey Ippadithaan - Azhaga Aanazhaga Video

Watch Azhaga Aanazhaga from Innimey Ippadithaan in Harini's voice. The song is a fun filled one written by Dr. Uma Devi, playfully teasing & enticing the loved one.

Innimey Ippadithaan - Title Track Video

Watch the title track Innimey Ippadithaan of Innimey Ippadithaan sung by Karthik & Aishvarrya. Karky's lyrics of the song are about a changed life all thanks to love.

Inimey Ippadithaan - Athana Azhagayum Video

Watch Athana Azhagayum from Innimey Ippadithaan sung by Varun Parandhaman and Sofia Ashraf. Is the girl of your dreams making you run behind her to accept your love?

Inimey Ippadithaan - Paatha Oru Lookula Video

Watch Paatha Oru Lookula from Innimey Ippadithaan sung by Gana Bala. Gana Bala's lyrics bring out the excitement of being spotted by the girl you love!

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