Two villages in the southern suburbs of Theni share the same God as their "Kula Dheivam", and the idol is to be shared between them during festivals.

Oothukattaan is a rich big shot in his village. He has a grudge against the other village as he was insulted by them a long time ago. Since then, he promised himself to keep the God's idol in his village. In order to destroy the neighboring village, he plans to evacuate the entire village population. He uses his power and wealth to stop government projects and welfare facilities from reaching the other village and make it a barren land, which forces people to evacuate and move to other places in search of livelihood. He helps the jobless youths in that village get jobs in neighboring cities, thus reducing the population of the other village.

Ganesh is a jobless but intelligent youth living in the other village. Though he is jobless, he has earned a good name for himself among the villagers by doing social services and helping in the village's development. He roams along with his friend 'Tiger' Pandi. Oothukaattan realizes that as long as Ganesh lives in that village, he cannot evacuate it. He decides to get rid of him and offers him a job, for which he agrees. Later, Ganesh comes to know that Oothukaattan has a sister whom he has married to the neighboring village and has done so many welfare schemes there. Ganesh decides to woo and marry Leelavathi, Oothukaattan's daughter, thinking that Oothukaattan will develop the village where his daughter is going to live. Ganesh woos Leela, and they fall in love.

Oothukaattan plans to bring a beer factory in the next village so their water resources will be depleted, forcing villagers to move. He also comes to know that Ganesh has wooed Leela and plans to get rid of him. He tricks the villagers to send him out of the village. Ganesh requests for a poll and promises he will leave if the majority of the village is against him. Ganesh loses the election and leaves. Oothukaattan buys the villagers' farmlands for the factory. Ganesh refuses to sell his land. This infuriates the factory owners, and they realize they cannot build a factory if Ganesh does not sell his land. The villagers request Ganesh to come back. He does and finds out that Oothukaattan is behind all this.

Leela is infuriated to find out that Ganesh wooed her for his village's benefit and breaks up with him. Meanwhile, the village festival is around the corner, during which Oothukaattan plans to destroy the village. Will Ganesh save the village, consummate Leela, and break Oothukaattan's plans?